California Small Business Answering Services

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If you own a small business and you’re looking to enhance your image, capture more leads, and free up your time, then a live phone answering service is for you. We’ll help you get the best price from the best provider so you can get back to running your business.

One of the most common misconceptions about answering services is that only large corporations can afford them. Another tall tale is that only large corporations can benefit from these types of services. Neither of these myths could be further from the truth, and hopefully we can show you how companies can greatly benefit from the utilization of an affordable small business answering service.

So, what types of companies could benefit from a small business answering service? Let’s just look at a few examples:

California answering service for small business• Contractors
• Churches
• Attorneys
• Chiropractic practices
• Real estate professionals
• Online businesses


Contracting is a very hands-on profession, regardless of the specific trade that the person follows. As a result, the owners and operators of contracting businesses are often out in the field, unable to answer important questions directly. A 24-hour answering service provides a great point of contact where detailed messages can be taken down without having to pay someone full time to man a desk in an office just for the purpose of answering the phones. Messages can be relayed to a contractor’s mobile device where they can review and provide answers to potential clients in a timely fashion.


Some churches, like the Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph, are large, historic facilities with ample funding and staffing. Others are much humbler, neighborhood organizations. When trying to raise funds for various charitable or church activities, using a telephone answering service to answer incoming calls can provide a cost-effective way for a small neighborhood church to coordinate these types of activities.

Chiropractic Practices

Chiropractors are members of the health care industry, and as such, are faced with many of the same challenges that other members of the industry encounter. They need to protect the privacy of their clients, ensure that their patient’s worries are assuaged when they call in, and provide excellent customer service in order to convince their patients to continue coming to them rather than switching to another provider.

Real Estate Professionals

Real estate professionals can hugely benefit from a small business answering service. The modern real estate world has increasingly taken agents, brokers, and managers out of the office and into the field, often managing the majority of their business from a cell phone and a laptop. The cost of maintaining a larger office space in order to have room for reception desks, not to mention the people to staff them, can largely be reduced by moving to a remote answering service instead. Even independent agents can benefit from a small business answering service, where the workers can take their messages and relay the messages to the agent even when they’re out showing properties.

Online Businesses

Online businesses often don’t have a storefront or a physical office, but customers still like to have a human point of contact. By having a phone number that routes to a small business answering service, online businesses can lend themselves a sense of legitimacy.

How Much Does a California Small Business Service Cost?

A California small business answering service will cost between $0.70 – $1.62 per call. The typical monthly price for a small business answering service in California ranges between $69 – $149. The are two primary factors that drive these prices, which are the numbers of calls taken and the average duration of each call.

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Discover How Your Small Business Can Benefit From a California Answering Service.