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The health care industry is governed by some very strict laws that make doing business in the area slightly more complicated than certain other industries. Primarily, this has to do with laws that are designed to protect patient privacy and confidentiality. The assumption in place is that a patient’s information is their own, and should never be shared with unauthorized parties. A great California medical answering service can help you do exactly that, while also improving the service that the patient receives from your organization.

California Medical Answering ServiceAlmost any healthcare practice can benefit from a 24/7 answering service with after-hours  points of contact. The reasons for this include: Family physicians, dentists, specialists, hospitals, Chiropractors and all types of health care practitioners need to put the welfare of their patients at the forefront of everything they do. There are several ways that a California medical answering service can help your organization provide better healthcare to your patients. These include:

• Helping patients feel reassured by speaking to a real person, even after hours
• Ensuring your patients are referred to emergency providers if a real emergency exist
• Knowing that if a patient meets your pre-established thresholds for emergency contact that the answering service will reach out to you to keep you appraised of critical situations

Privacy Regulations – Does Your Healthcare Answering Service Comply

All businesses in the healthcare industry are bound by HIPAA, ensuring that patient privacy is protected at all times. This is not something that those in the health care world take lightly. A doctor’s office that employees a California medical answering service is showing that they take these types of regulations very seriously. Medical answering service agents are highly trained in all the applicable legislation to ensure that they handle patient information according to all of the current legal requirements. Regular training sessions help ensure that all agents are prepared to be professional, courteous, effective, and regulatory adherent with every patient that calls into your medical practice.

Patient Reassurance and Your Medical Answering Service

Having health issues to deal with, whether your own or those of a loved one, is a stressful situation. Ultimately, those working in the healthcare system want to reduce the stress felt by their patients as much as possible. Unfortunately, so many people calling in to a medical practice in order to get help, make an appointment, or check on administrative matters are instead forced to leave a message on a voicemail machine. This is a frustrating situation at the best of times, which is only compounded by the fact that you are then cast into uncertainty about when your call will be returned. This also holds true with providing call answering for the Hispanic community to better assist Spanish speaking patients.

  • 24/7 Medical Answering Service
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Emergency Dispatching
  • Live Message Taking
  • Prescription Support
  • 800 Numbers
  • Overflow Call Support
  • Voicemail Services
  • Spanish Speaking Operators

A medical answering service in California or elsewhere can remove this type of ambiguity from your patients’ lives. They can be available around the clock to answer calls, or to take overflow calls during your regular business hours. They can assure patients that their concerns have been heard and that their call will be returned as soon as possible. In the event that a patient is experiencing a medical emergency, they can also refer them to emergency facilities or providers to ensure that your patients are looked after.

How Much Does a California Attorney Medical Service Cost?

A California medical answering service will cost between $0.81 – $2.14 per call. The typical monthly price for a doctors answering service in California ranges between $79 – $379. The are two primary factors that drive these prices, which are the numbers of calls taken and the average duration of each call.

24 Hour Medical Answering Service
After Hours Medical Answering Service
Bilingual Medical Answering Service
Doctors Answering Service For Appointment Scheduling

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