California After Hours Answering Service

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When you’re doing business in California, you’re doing business in a world that never sleeps. The Internet doesn’t rest, and customer calls don’t stop coming in. When you’re doing business in this type of a world, you might not be able to offer round-the-clock customer service even when you want to. Using an after-hours answering service in California is one way you can start to expand what you can offer to your clientele, and more importantly, when you can offer it.

Almost any business can benefit from after-hours points of contact. The reasons for this include:

• Handling emergencies
• Fulfilling client requests when competitors can’t
• Offering a higher level of customer support when products or services don’t work properly
• Lead Capture
• Dispatch Services
• Making clients feel looked after

After hours answering service for California

The good news about a California after-hours answering service is that this term means whatever you want it to mean. For instance, if your company does business with a lot of clients in a different time then you might want coverage in the middle of the night or early hours of the morning to fit that market workweek during their workday. On the other hand, if you have a lot of clients right around the corner that prefer to work on weekends, you can make your business accessible by using an after-hours answering service to cover that shift instead. You can identify and target the gaps in your current accessibility and address it nicely with an answering service.

Attorneys, Plumbers, Contractors, and Medical professionals commonly receive phone calls outside of normal 9-5 business hours and an answering service help you to avoid missed calls. Remember, missed calls are missed sales opportunities.

For companies that are growing, doing business with a wider range of global clients, or who market themselves primarily on the Internet, getting a company that offers full, around the clock, 24/7 answering services may be the best option. Anytime outside of your normal hours of operation could be considered “after hours” and if you want to serve your clients on days, nights and weekends, then a full service 24/7 answering service might be your best option.

Standard business operating hours are a hangover from the earlier days of industrialized society. In the post-information-revolution age, people operate on a different schedule. If a local is heading home from a  Sharks game and suddenly realizes that they need to arrange for a specific product or service, do you think it likely that they are going to go home, go to sleep, and wait until morning? Not anymore. Today, if there isn’t someone they can reach by telephone after hours, they’re going to hop on the Internet and fulfill their needs a different way.

If your business doesn’t have a storefront that people can visit during regular business hours, as is increasingly common in today’s online economy, then working hours have even less meaning than they used to. People will expect to be able to reach you during non-typical hours, and a answering service can provide your prospective or past clientele with exactly that.

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