California Bilingual Answering Service

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If you’re doing business in the California area, you need to stop and consider what kind of an advantage a bilingual answering service could give you over your competitors. Spanish answering services are especially important for law offices and medical practices. The Hispanic population in the city has been growing for generations, and by opening up your services to Spanish-speaking customers, you ensure that your client base can grow along with the city.

California Spanish Answering Service

A California bilingual answering service

• Allows you to serve a wider client base in the local California area
• Gives you access to a much wider portion of the global market
• Can paint a positive image of your organization as you support Hispanics

Local California Spanish-Speaking Customers

To consider just how much wider a customer base you can reach with this type of service, we turn to the census data for the region. According to the most recently available census information, more than 30% of the California area identifies themselves as being of Hispanic or Latino origin. That is nearly a third of the entire population of the city that you could be missing out on by opting to only utilize answering services that serve customers in English.

Expanding Global Reach With a California Bilingual Answering Service

If your company targets a global audience, then you have even more motivation to hire a 24/7 California bilingual answering service to help your company field customer inquiries. Spanish is the first language of even more people globally than English, with only Mandarin having more native speakers worldwide. If your company appeals to a global audience, then you could be missing out on a huge portion of the population by this simple omission. With a bilingual answering service, you can get not only all the benefits that come from utilizing any answering service in your business but also the added reach that will allow your business to suddenly become accessible to millions more potential customers around the world.

Public Perception – We Speak Spanish!

Employing a bilingual answering service in California also has impacts that you might not think about right away. For instance, it can affect the way that your business is perceived in the public eye. An answering service is an independent organization, but when the staff there answers the phone, they are acting as an extension of your company. In fact, many times people call and leave messages at an answering service and don’t even realize they’re dealing with a third-party organization.

Because of this connection between the phone answering service and your own company’s image, using a bilingual service can help paint you as a more inclusive and global provider of your products and services. This is exactly the type of message a growing company wants out there, and it can make for some subtle but effective word of mouth marketing when you open yourself up to serving Spanish speaking customers in this way.