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If you operate a law firm in California, then you need to consider how much a legal answering service could help you expand your business. There are two key reasons to consider the use of an attorney answering service at your law office. From an after hours answering service in California to overflow calls, we have the answer. The first has to do with how you manage the concerns of your existing clients. The second has to do with recruiting new business into your legal firm.

Attorney Answering Service For Existing Client Support

California Answering Service AttorneysThere are several ways that a great California attorney answering service can help you improve the level of service that you offer to your existing clients. Think about things like:

• Being reachable after hours
• Having information requests fulfilled faster
• Reassuring clients that their concerns are being attended to
• Freeing up your time

Answering services for law offices can help you do all these things and more. Essentially, as a law office you have an obligation to provide the best level of legal counsel possible to your clients. An affordable 24/7 California attorney answering service with specific expertise in the legal industry can help you increase that level of service.

Answering Services For Lawyers – New Client Acquisition

When someone needs legal advice, they likely don’t have a lot of time to wait. In situations such as criminal cases, injuries, accidents or workplace complaints, people need to get legal advice as quickly as possible in order to know how to proceed. If they phone your company and get an answering machine or are left on hold for a long period of time, they’re likely to move on to the next attorney they can find. People don’t have time to wait around on your busy schedule to call them back. This is where an answering service for lawyers can come in very handy. In fact, we even assist with Spanish speaking answering service solutions!

This is especially true if you work in a law firm that deals with accidental damages. In these types of cases, time is always of the essence, and a great answering service can get important information and reassure potential clients that an attorney will be seeing to their situation as soon as possible. If you let this type of caller go to voicemail instead of providing them with some reassurance and human contact, there is a really good chance that they’re just going to start looking at other lawyers instead.

If someone gets into a car accident on Route 85 in the middle of the night and they call your law firm, your live telephone answering service can be the reason you land their business. The operators can reassure the person that an attorney will review their case, take all the pertinent information, and even schedule a callback in some cases. You can also set up emergency contacts for cases that require immediate attention so the answering firm will reach out to your specified emergency contact to get them on the case at once.

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How Much Does a California Attorney Answering Service Cost?

A California Attorney answering service will cost between $0.79 – $2.03 per call. The typical monthly price for a law firm answering service in California ranges between $74 – $275. The are two primary factors that drive these prices, which are the numbers of calls taken and the average duration of each call.

24 Hour Attorney Answering Service
After Hours Attorney Answering Service
Bilingual Attorney Answering Service
Attorney Answering Service For Appointment Scheduling


There’s no better way to get a cheap answering service in California without sacrificing value.

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